​In the years 2000 to 2003 I studied music at Perth College where I acquired both an NC and HND in music performance.  Although billed as a 'Rock Music' course, the education provided at Perth College placed emphasis on nurturing  the student into finding his/her own individual voice, the result of which often necessitated the incorporation of further musical genres (blues, jazz and classical among them). This approach, fostered by the tutors at Perth College, was greatly influential to me once I began to organise lessons of my own. 

​My early experiences providing one-to-one guitar tuition soon uncovered in me a certain aptitude  for encompassing the qualities that I feel a good teacher should possess (aside from a strong level of ability on the instrument). These qualities include patience, empathy, and strong communication skills; I find these to be essential when looking to establish and evolve the personal tastes and needs of each pupil.

​Since moving to Winchester in 2010 I have been performing in a local folk band (Court Rogue); our public performances range from our occasional busking in town to  the playing of evening gigs in and around Winchester.


The Strings are Alive